Raman Mundair is a poet and artist who has made Shetland her home. Born in Ludhinia, India, she has lived in the UK since the age of five. Her work melds Shetland dialect, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and contemporary English into a distinctive personal prose. This gives Raman’s writing a complex, unfixed geography, and underscores the themes of identity and belonging to which she often returns. 

This is her second poetry collection and speaks in different rhythms across a range of human experiences. Coming of age, the beauty of the light on the ocean and a searing critique of war all find their place here in Pleasure Beach, Mareel and Blood Season. Continuity is provided by the clarity and boldness of Raman Mundair's voice which shines - and dances - through the whole collection like a light. 

A small number of copies are made available here for knitters interested in the design context for Shetland Muse - a hat designed using the KNITSONIK system and inspired by the rich imagery in a poem of the same name which is published as part of this collection. £8.99 

88 page paperback 

Published by Peepal Tree Press in 2007


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