Hello and Welcome to the imaginative and inspiring world of KNITSONIK! 

Felicity (Felix) Ford is an artist working primarily in KNIT and SOUND (SONIK). At its heart, Felix’s work is about slow processes. It’s about paying focused and close attention to everyday life in order that we can discover, share, and celebrate its magic. KNITSONIK is the disabled-led, one-woman business founded by Felix in order to sustain her creative practice and to enable her to share its fruits with you. 

After being a project name (and podcast) for many years, KNITSONIK LTD. was officially incorporated in 2015 as a creative business fulfilling creative sound art commissions for Museums (Fabric of Oxford; Hearing Catherine Dickens; Town & Country Soundmap); teaching at major knitting events (Edinburgh Yarn Festival; Shetland Wool Week; Knit Stars); and publishing books and eBooks (KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook; KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Playbook & Playbook Colouring Companion; KNITSONIK & Friends Colour to Knit). 

The seeds for Felix’s thoughtful practice were sown back in the early 00s when she was studying sound art at Oxford Brookes University and joined a local knitting group. From knitting speaker systems to recording the sounds of wool production in Shetland and Estonia, her practice has continually grown, combining textiles with sounds at every turn. The latest manifestation of this exciting combination is Yarnadelic Remixes 0.1 - a project produced in collaboration with Muriel Pensivy that turns music into knitting and explores connections between rhythm, pattern, knit and song. Preview one of the beautiful videos for this multimedia project here.

From enabling publications and knitting patterns to popular online courses, Felix’s work draws you into her creative processes, generously sharing her methods, joy and inspiration. Her KNITSONIK books and courses are practical and imaginative. From showing you how to turn weeds and biscuit tins into colourwork (KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook) to uplifting your daily life through a mix of to-do lists and creative journaling (KNITSONIK Bullet Journaling), her work gives you tools, examples and encouragement to live your most playful and affirming creative life. 

“Felicity Ford’s Knitsonik Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook is a sermon against despair as well as a book about knitting”. 

Sarah Moss writing for The Guardian 

“It has been something like 2 years since I took the KNITSONIK Bullet Journal Course and this review just gets more necessary as time passes. Thanks to this course my journal is my constant companion and an essential tool in getting sh*t done. Really it is like a comforting friend who knows all about me, encourages, reminds, and dishes out tough love when necessary. I honestly believe that the reason it has become such a part of my life is Felix’s organic, exploratory and heartfelt approach which is all about creating a tool that helps me feel better about my life, instead of like some productivity robot (though it has also helped me be more productive). I recommend it an infinite amount”. 

Asha Bombara reviewing KNITSONIK Bullet Journaling 

In 2019, Felix collaborated with her good friends at KDD&Co. on the award-winning Balance For Better Blanket

This blanket celebrates notable creative women and was produced for International Women’s Day 2019

This project inspired the Think Like An Artist cowl pattern and Masterclass produced by Felix for Season 6 of Knit Stars: Live Colourfully, which celebrates twelve creative women in the medium of stranded colourwork and shows you how to translate artistic practices into the medium of knit.To access this exclusive class you can buy Season 6 when Knit Stars open their cart for sales of past seasons, or subscribe to the Yarniverse on a monthly basis, and follow the Seeker: Colorwork learning track.   

In work and life Felix strives to embody uplift, affirmation and inclusivity. When researching projects, writing essays and working on collaborative projects, she prioritises inclusion, sustainability and accountability. She is interested in projects and collaborations that tangibly promote social change, and that work towards a more just and equitable world. KNITSONIK is actively anti-racist and a Business supporter of BIPOC in Fiber. Since 2020, she has managed a scholarship fund to improve access to her online teaching. 

Felix is passionate about improving accessibility in all areas of design. In her online school, all her courses use subtitles and a dyslexia-friendly font for handouts. 

All orders are fulfilled in-house by Felix, who is also the sole caretaker and manager of The KNITSONIK School. From 2007 - 2023, Felix lived in Reading, Berkshire - a place richly celebrated and represented in the Sourcebook and the Playbook. In 2023, she moved to St. Leonards, where the sea is providing new inspirations and ideas for her unfolding work. 

Felix is intentionally not on Instagram. The best places to find her are her blog, where she has been writing since 2007; in her occasional newsletters; or in her Ravelry group.

Thanks for taking the time to read about the person behind this company, and for your interest in KNITSONIK. May you find time and space to play, to create and to make, in whichever ways fill your heart and life with joy.