Color & Knit, Mittens by Aleks Byrd

This gem of a book by Aleks Byrd combines the pleasures of a colouring book with the joy of knitting mittens. Drawing on Aleks' Estonian heritage and illustration skill, it is thoughtfully designed to give you a rich experience in pattern, colour and knitting.

The book features a helpful section on colouring, yarn choices and gauge; instructions and a pattern for knitting a pair of mittens; and then twelve glorious pattern charts for you to fill in with the colours of your choice. With all the practical design elements taken care of, this leaves you - the knitter - free to play with colour until you feel ready to knit. 

Simply colour the mitten design(s) of your choice with your favourite yarn shades and get knitting! There are endless possibilities. 

The book features twelve designs with two coloring pages for each one.


58 page paperback book, uncoated paper

Published by Aleks Byrd in 2017


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