Join KNITSONIK & Friends and have more fun playing with colour when you knit!

KNITSONIK & Friends: Colour to Knit is an eBook designed to build your knowledge and confidence so you can enjoy playing with colour when you knit - and get results that you love. Four exciting stranded colourwork projects from four different designers take you on an inspiring journey, providing useful insights and enjoyable colouring-in exercises along the way to build your skills and experience as you go. This book foregrounds colouring-in as a useful and supportive tool for planning shading sequences for stranded colourwork design. However, it doesn't just give you beautiful pages to print and colour: it also shows you how each of the designers has used colouring-in as a tool, providing multiple and inviting starting points for you to do the same. 

Patricia’s Brightlingsea Scarf provides a framework for turning memories into a bold and striking palette, while Nolwenn’s Cheers! Mitts use colouring-in to explore the colour possibilities of the random variegated yarn that languishes in almost every knitter’s stash. Felix’s Flombre Accessory Set (cowl, hat and mittens) inspires new ways of devising and conceiving gradients, while Bev’s Japonica Wrap presents a massive knitterly canvas for joyous colour play. There is something here for everyone from the novice to the more experienced stranded colourwork designer and each project comes with printable colouring-in pages, essays and insights that give you different things to try out on the page and on your needles. The eBook begins with the easiest and most accessible project and concludes with the most ambitious. As a collection, these projects take you through different creative approaches, upgrading your toolkit as you go. Each design is accompanied by enabling worksheets and colouring-in pages for you to print and recolour as many times as you like.

The collection is brought together through sumptuous photography and bright and bold colours. Journey through these projects to discover a range of creative approaches and use all the tools within to enjoy making these projects - and making them your own.

About the designers 

This project started life as an open competition in the KNITSONIK Ravelry group and grew into an absorbing and international endeavour. KNITSONIK & Friends: Colour to Knit reflects its creators' shared love of playfulness, colouring in, creativity, and stranded colourwork. The designers are Patricia Kimmitt (Canada); Nolwenn Pensivy (France); Felicity (Felix) Ford and Beverley Dott (UK). The eBook was tech-edited by Frauke Urban (Germany) and the photography is by Fergus Ford Photography (UK). This project is proudly disabled-led. Working together has meant accommodating different work patterns, needs and energy levels and creating an inclusive collaborative approach. The different perspectives that have defined work on this eBook have enriched the final product immeasurably. KNITSONIK & Friends: Colour to Knit showcases a diverse range of approaches to stranded colourwork design. It is set in the award-winning Dyslexia-friendly typeface, Dyslexie and features black and white, full colour, and colour-your-own charts. 


164 page PDF (the download is separated into four chapters)

First published by KNITSONIK Ltd. in 2022

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