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This selection of books represents some of the most cherished tomes on the shelves of the KNITSONIK Studio. From Kate Davies' powerful memoir, Handywoman, and wondrous collection of essays on creative processes, Wheesht, to the enabling methods shared by Janine Bajus in her book The Joy of Color; from the useful beauty of Narangkar Glovers' Knitters Graph Paper Journal to the joyous pages of Sarina Mantle's Women + Patterns + Plants, there is sure to be something here to support your thinking, making and creative play. Look around and Get Inspired!

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Colour at Work

Challenge yourself To reconsider received ideas about colour Take inspiration From the colourful work of contemporary artists and makers Be colour con...
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Handywoman cover showing embroidered brain and nervous system

Handywoman by Kate Davies

This amazing book by Kate Davies is a memoir like no other. In its thoughtful chapters, Kate explores and makes connections between disability and cre...
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Wheesht - creative making in uncertain times - white title and subtitle against a misty sunrise and pine trees

Wheesht by Kate Davies

First published in December 2019, Wheesht has recently been reprinted after finding particular resonance with the collective themes and challenges we ...
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Women + Patterns + Plants by Sarina Mantle; cover image featuring a Black woman wearing brightly-coloured garments and surrounded by verdant green life

W+P+P by Sarina Mantle

KNITSONIK is thrilled to be able to offer this stunning colouring book published by our local friends at Liminal 11. Women + Patterns + Plants is a se...
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