The Knitter's Graph Paper Journal has been thoughtfully designed by Narangkar Glover of Rowan Morrison Books. With all the pleasing qualities of a classic exercise book, it comes with features designed to be of use to knitters.

The graph paper printed throughout features a rectangular grid. This grid reflects the true dimensions of knitted stitches, making this ideal for charting designs for intarsia, stranded colourwork, lace, and cable-knit designs. The inside covers are filled with charming hand-drawn cheat-sheets and guides, including standard yarn weights and a to-scale inch ruler, in case you need to measure your knitting and do not have a ruler or measuring tape to hand.

Soft covers and saddle-stitch binding make it easy to stash in any knitting bag, and at 128g it's light enough to travel wherever you - and your knitting - need to go.


  • measures 8″ x 10″
  • 52 pages
  • 26 perforated sheets (in the second half of the book, pages may be easily torn out)
  • Bright White Opaque Paper with light blue grid lines printed in 6 x 8 stitch gauge
  • Bold lines every five blocks for stitch-counting
  • Saddle Stitch binding with rounded corners
  • Lays flat for expanded charts
  • Kraft Brown Cover

Inside cover includes

  • symbols
  • needle check list
  • yarn weights
  • fabric care

RRP £11.99, I'm selling them for £10 (see note below)

Published by Rowan Morrison Books

Made in Oakland, California, USA

PLEASE NOTE: These lovely journals are being sold at a discount because they were damaged during shipping. There is a small crease in the corner of each book where the box in which they were shipped was dropped or impacted in transit. The journals are still thoroughly usable and lovely; they just aren't 100% perfect. Rather than wasting them, I'm offering them at a slight discount to reflect this.


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