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What is Colour at Play?

Colour at Play is a course in seven short sections. It started life as an essay, produced for Colour at Work, edited by myself and Kate Davies. After writing one of my essays for this book, I realised the ideas lent themselves really well to the format of a full-fat online course, with inspiring videos; printable worksheets; comments sections for sharing ideas; the sense of exploring ideas together as a cohort; and, above all, structure.

I've designed Colour at Play to build your confidence for playing with colour as you go, and to cultivate your appreciation for the colours of daily life. There are no colour wheels or colour theory here; rather, this course is about developing confidence with colour through the transformative power of play. I'm happy to lead you on this journey and serve as your enthusiastic colour-appreciator and enabler of daily colour play.

The course provides structure

As you progress through the seven sections of the course, you'll find different things to try out, each of which will give you new kinds of colour experiences. In the course environment, you can see your progress as you go.

The course helps you record your colour journey

You can use a Bullet Journal, a notepad, a photo-album or any other means to record your colour journey on this course. However, each section also comes with printable worksheets that enable you to easily record your experiences. Print and fill them out to build a beautiful portfolio of your experiences.

Colour at Play is quick and easy, and you don't need fancy stuff!

  • Most of the videos in this course are around five minutes long - none are longer than ten.
  • The creative exercises are designed to fit easily into ordinary life.
  • This is not a knitting course (though there is one optional swatching task).

Colour at Play is accessible

  • Each video comes with proper closed captions that can be switched on or off.
  • Videos can be sped up or slowed down as needed.
  • Downloadables come with white background for print and cream background for easier screen reading.
  • Letter spacing, font choices and line-spacing for all downloadable content are designed using the advice of the British Dyslexia Association. 
  • There is no music in any of the videos to distract or compete with the clear instructional voice used throughout.

You don't need any special equipment for this course - there's a Materials List over on Teachable - and you don't need tons of time. The whole premise for Colour at Play is that the ideas can be easily practiced every day, in and around (and as part of) the busy stuff of life. Don't wait for a three day colour contemplation retreat to learn more about colour. Instead, join me and discover how you can sneak colour contemplation into everyday moments like making the lunch, taking a ten minute break from your desk, or going for a walk in your local neighbourhood. 

The fine print...

This online listing has been created to offer a way to buy a course place in a bundle with the book, Colour at Work, or for those of you who just prefer to shop in one place. Please read carefully to understand how your course place will be delivered to you if you choose to purchase through this gateway rather than through Teachable

How do I buy my course place here at 

To buy your course place here rather than on Teachable, please add this product to your shopping cart and allow 24 - 72 hours to hear back from me. I will email you a single-use coupon to use on Teachable that will remove 100% of the cost of the course price from the enrolment process when you sign up for the course there. Essentially, you still "buy" the course through Teachable, but the coupon code waives all fees there, because you've already paid here.


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Colour at Work, Colour at Play, book and course bundle (Pre-order)

Colour at Work, Colour at Play, book and course bundle (Pre-order)

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